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WinSport in Calgary is popularly considered the "most visible legacy" from the 1988 Winter Olympics. The park is more or less a historical place in Canada due to its impact on the nation's Olympic sports preparations. It is also seen as a crucial part of the country's general sports development. Interestingly, the place is made accessible to everyone who wants to enjoy the high-performance sports facilities. As a result, the place is one of the foremost places for sports training and development.

The place was initially built to train and develop Canada’s Olympics athletics as well as provide necessary facilities in a bid to bring the Olympics to Calgary. The success of hosting the Olympics in Calgary did not come until the fourth attempt in 1988. After the games, the Calgary Olympic Development Association (CODA) continues to maintain and improve the facilities of the place. The place is in recognition of the legacy of the Olympic Games and a factor that contributes to Canada's improvement in the Olympics. All other achievements of Canada in the Olympics are credited to the legacy laid in Calgary in 1988. Since then, Canada holds the place dear to its heart as part of its tremendous and increasing achievements in the Olympics.

Expectedly, WinSport still maintains all the facilities that were built during the preparation for the 1988 Olympics. This is to preserve the most celebrated legacy. You will see many of Canada’s top-performing athletics training in this park. Apart from serving as a training center, you can also see it as a recreation and tourism center. There are a series of activities you can enjoy in this park. They include Summer Bobsleigh, mini golf, ski, downhill mountain bike, and zipline at the park. You will also find the Olympic Oval, which hosts local and international skating events.

As part of its purpose of developing Olympic sport in Canada, WinSport partners with the Calgary Board of Education to run a National Sport School. The school teaches Olympic prospects, helping them grow while maintaining their academic interests. If you are neither a student at the sports school nor an Olympic athlete, there is still some fun for you. The park has a performance training center where you can achieve your fitness goals. There are live entertainments, dining, and sports activities like bobsleigh, ski, and golf you can enjoy.

WinSport can give you the best sports experience. You will find upgraded sports equipment with Olympic standard in the park. Those who have been there will tell you that the park is in a great state of repair. The park operates in both winter and summer seasons, with different sports activities available. You can go with your relatives, friends, or colleagues to have a nice time. WinSport will definitely take you on the Olympic journey with some great moments. It is essential that you have all the necessary information about the park reservations before you visit. You can quickly obtain your ticket online to ensure a safe outing.


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