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Calaway Park


Almost everyone would fancy an outdoor fun every now and then. Not only kids but even those who spend a good number of hours in the corners of their offices every day. If you live in Calgary, Alberta, or anywhere near that area, your outdoor fun has just become better. You want the best experience when it comes to having fun outside your workplace. Calaway Park will give you that and even more than you bargain for. It is not an exaggeration to say that a lot of fun resides here. It is not surprising, though; this Park is one of the most popular parks in Canada.

Calaway Park holds the record of being the largest outdoor family amusement park in the whole of western Canada. So if you are searching for a great place to have a pleasant time with your families, Calaway Park has everything you will need. It is worthy to note that people from within and outside the city usually consider Calaway Park in Calgary a vacation spot. You will find quite a number of working parents bringing their children to the vacation programs this Park offers in the summer. While you will hear of different parks, you may perhaps want to place a preference on Calaway Park, especially if you are looking for nonstop fun.

Do you know Calaway Park is an award-winning theme park? The Park continues to satisfy residents and tourists on a great deal with variations of fun activities and entertainment. The facilities of this Park are maintained and improved in such a way that will make you enjoy your outdoor vacation. With over 32 rides, you can pick your favorite from the options. The Park has about 24 different kinds of games, 20 different food locations, a Cinemagic 3D theatre, and a haunted hotel. You will also find many street performers like clowns, stilt walkers, jugglers, and magicians entertaining the people.

One exciting thing about the Park is that there is something for every member of the family. Some activities and attractions will keep everyone engaged. In early 2019, the Park added Bumble Blast ride to its list of rides. This ride is a spinning coaster ride on a figure-8 track. You can also enjoy stage performances by different artists. For the family, there are special events that will make the stay a memorable one. Some of them include Calaway Comic Fest for Kids, Halloweekends, Boo Crew Costume Party, and Family Fun Friday Nights.

If you are a thrill-seeker, Calaway Park will satisfy your thirst for fun. All sizes of families are regular customers of the Park. Interestingly, the location of the Park being in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains adds to the fun. You will surely enjoy your family vacation here. The admission fees are affordable, and you may even enjoy several discount offers. It is a one-time admission fee that gives you access to unlimited rides, Haunted Hotel, free parking, access to 3D theatre, and live stage performances.


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