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Our Non-Surgical Face-Lift is like nothing you've seen before.

When you get a Non-Surgical Face-Lift at Flawless Laser & Body Sculpting, we will use heat and light to directly address ALL of the following skin issues at once.

  • Tighten and reduce wrinkles and saggy skin.
  • Tighten and lift saggy jowls or double chin.
  • Tighten and lift eyes and brows.
  • Reduce forehead lines and creases.
  • Reduce crow’s feet wrinkles around the eyes.
  • Reduce deep forehead lines.
  • Smooth skin texture and tone.
  • Reduce pore size.
  • Firm and tighten around your eyes, reducing bags and dark circles.
  • Create a porcelain smooth finish to your skin that will have everyone taking notice! 
  • No Downtime! You can look great without having to cancel any of your plans.

But what makes our Laser Face-Lift different from everyone else? 

Simply put, it's our level of treatment customization to address your specific needs. No two people are alike, so your skin shouldn't be treated like everyone else.

When we perform your free skin consultation, we are examining your specific needs and concerns. We carry a wide variety of the newest technologies in our clinic so your Non-Surgical Face-Lift will be performed with the specific technologies, wave-lengths and techniques that are right for YOU. Not just some "one-size fits all" skin-care solution.

Find out what we can do for you by booking your free consultation.

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"Gili is Amazing! I have had two sessions so far. I can't believe the difference. My sagging face, jaw, and neck look 10 years younger. My pores are almost gone. I haven't seen this in years.
Gili will never let you walk out until she is satisfied with you. If you look in the mirror and see sagging, dark spots, or your neck looks like its becoming a turkey neck, book an appointment and get the results, like I did. 
Thank You Gili."

Judy M

Calgary, AB

It all starts with a FREE consultation.

Gili Levant
Gili Levant

In order to get you started on the road to smooth and healthy skin, we need to have a look at you in person. A consultation takes from 30 to 45 minutes, and during that time you can expect the following from me:

  • A one on one consultation with an expert, to assess your skin and understand your needs.
  • An honest discussion about your goals and how to achieve them.
  • A customized treatment plan to meet the goals you have set for yourself.
  • Personalized attention and follow-up to ensure that your progress is monitored and your expectations are being met.

Our services are in high demand and time is limited, so please take advantage of the contact form below for more information about our Non-Surgical Laser Face-Lift and how to book your free consultation! 

Get even more information about our Non-Surgical Laser Face-Lift by using the form below!


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