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The most effective laser hair removal you can get in Calgary

For years now, Calgary's laser hair removal has seemed to be almost a common commodity. 

Drive down any street and you're likely to see a neon colored sign on every corner advertising hair removal treatments at prices that are so low they couldn't even pay for the equipment purchased to perform them.

Search coupon sites online and you'll find much the same. Rock bottom prices promising the world.

But can they deliver?

We have the most training and experience to give you the best laser hair removal results in Calgary.

At Flawless Laser & Body Sculpting we've been performing laser hair removal, along with just about every other laser skin treatment you can name, since 2012 and have thousands of satisfied customers to attest to both our knowledge and attention to detail.

Our top medical-grade laser technology is the most effective and painless laser hair removal you can get, for all skin types.

The Venus Velocity is the only Diode laser technology on the market that is designed for use on every Fitzpatrick skin type as well as tanned skin. 

This is a huge breakthrough in laser technology as tanned skin can not be treated with traditional laser technologies. This allows us to treat you even if you take a winter vacation or simply enjoy the outdoors in the summer! We utilize only top of the line equipment consisting of various hair removal technologies such as ND Yag, Elight, IPL and Diode in order to achieve results for every hair type. We customize our treatment packages to suit your needs as no two people are alike.

Below are some common questions we receive from our clients in Calgary regarding laser hair removal.

What are the risks involved with laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal technology is a powerful tool that requires experience and training to provide a safe and effective treatment. If used improperly, a patients skin can become irritated, inflamed and even cause pigment changes.  

At Flawless Laser & Body Sculpting, our technicians have many years of experience both performing treatments and teaching proper laser hair removal techniques. We will provide you with a free consultation to discuss your unique needs and skin condition.

Can I get laser hair removal if I have a tan?

In most clinics the answer is simple: No. However, at Flawless Laser we use state of the art technology. The Venus Velocity is the only diode laser on the market that is safe for treating tanned skin and we have brought the FIRST Venus Velocity to Calgary and area. If you have a tan, it's not a problem for us at Flawless!  

Can I get laser hair removal if I have blonde or red hair?

With our technology the answer is yes! While it is generally easier to target darker hair with laser hair removal, we have the technology to target all skin types and all hair types. More importantly, we have the training and experience to properly assess and treat sensitive skin and hair types to get real hair reduction results without the risks.

How do I prepare myself before my hair removal treatment?

Best Calgary Laser Hair removal at the best pricesAvoid plucking, waxing and electrolysis as these hair removal methods can disturb the hair follicle and interfere with the effectiveness of using a laser for hair removal.

That said, shaving is ok, and in fact it is recommended prior to any laser hair removal treatment.



What can I expect during my hair removal treatment?

First off, expect to be provided with proper eye protection. During the treatment a technician will apply cooling gel to your skin and will then proceed to press a hand-held laser hand piece against your skin which will flash very brightly and you may detect some heat. This action is repeated, slowly covering the entire area to be treated. It is possible to feel some slight discomfort, but laser hair removal is mostly painless if done correctly.

Do men get laser hair removal?

Of course! All the time! Many of our Calgary laser hair removal clients are men getting hair removal for face, chest, back and even bikini.

How many laser hair removal treatments will I need and how often do I need to get them?

This is highly dependent on your individual hair growth. Most people require a treatment program of 6 sessions to achieve full reduction. Generally we wait 6 weeks between treatments in order to allow for a full hair growth cycle. After a free consultation we can provide you with the best possible treatment program to suit your needs.

How do you determine what kind of laser hair removal treatment is right for me?

Our technicians at Flawless Laser & Body Sculpting have cumulatively acquired decades of experience performing laser hair removal treatments for Calgary clients. We are leaders in Calgary for laser skin care treatments and laser anti-aging technology. We have technicians on staff who have been certified as trainers for some of the most well-known laser manufacturers in North America.

We provide free consultations to allow us to get to know you and your unique skin care needs as well as your medical history, before recommending or performing any treatments! 

"I can not say enough good things about the girls who work here. They are thorough and very cautious when evaluating your desired needs and I am very happy with my technicians professionalism. I will be seeing her again very soon!"

Cindy M

Calgary, AB

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