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Historic Inglewood, Calgary

There is something that makes you fall in love with old neighborhoods. The old but preserved structures and a lot of representations that relate to ancient times are some of those things that can keep you attracted to historical places like Inglewood, Calgary. It is located in central Calgary in Alberta, Canada. It was established in 1875 and is widely accepted as the oldest neighborhood in Calgary. Formerly known as Brewery Flats or East Calgary, it was later named in 1911 after a farmhouse built by Col. James Walker. You can locate this neighborhood along the Bow River.

The neighborhood, despite being old, has experienced massive transformations. Of course, one of the sad things that usually happen to poor old buildings is that they will fall if not renovated. The historic buildings in this neighborhood were once in a state of disrepair. However, the place has come back to life as it records new developments every day. Since the 1870s, the place is considered a lively and conducive housing and business center. Due to its rich history in the record books, it is not difficult for many people to consider Inglewood when searching for a neighborhood to move into.

While prospective residents saw life in Inglewood, investors and business owners also seem to be interested. As a result of the potentials that people discover in this neighborhood, they began to set up their businesses, shops, restaurants, etc. These eventually triggered the transformation that the neighborhood continues to enjoy. However, we should understand that they try as much as possible to keep and the neighborhood's authentic face. The place still has over 400 vibrant and historic residential, commercial, and institutional buildings dated as far back as the 1900s. In 2014, the Canadian Institute of Planners tagged Inglewood as Canada's Greatest Community.

One of the facts that make Inglewood fun and lively is the shopping. You can enjoy your time in the arts district while you get your clothes and jewelry at the Livery Building. You can literally live the whole of your day in Inglewood with food, music, culture, shopping, tattooing, and riding a motorcycle. Additionally, the neighborhood has natural reserves that can give you all the fun you want. You will find the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary, Inglewood Wildlands Park, Sam Livingston Fish Hatchery, and the Bow Habitat Station. According to tourists and travelers, your time in Historic Inglewood can never be a waste.

It is no doubt Inglewood attracts tourists from far and near. And this continues to help various businesses in the community. Inglewood has a couple of music venues where live music shows are performed every year. You must have heard of Music Mile, Sunfest, Night Markets, and Fringe Festivals. For the halls and venues, there is the Festival Hall where the Calgary International Folk Festival usually takes place. You also have the Blues Can and Garry Theatre. With multiple parks offering the fun of all kinds, you can never get enough of the historic and arts district Inglewood.

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