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Prince’s Island Park

When we talk about urban parks that offer a modern-day park adventure in Calgary, Alberta, the Prince’s Island Park is definitely on the list. The twenty hectares park is located on a developed island on the Bow River, downtown Calgary. According to its history, the park was named after the founder of the Eau Claire Lumber Mill, Peter Anthony Prince. Three bridges link with the park to Crescent Heights, Eau Claire and Downtown Calgary, and Memorial Drive. The park setting makes it an ideal hiking place, which forms the hiking trail system extending on both sides of the Bow River.

The Prince's Island Park is a popular spot for many events in Calgary, Alberta. These festivals are uniquely celebrated, and thousands of people from within and outside the city record their attendance each year. These festivals include Carifest, Canada Day celebration, Heritage Day celebration, Afrikadey, Expo Latino, Barbecue on the Bow, Shakespeare in the Park, and Calgary Folk Music Festival. To prevent accidents and maintain orderliness during these events, vehicles do not have access to the park. But participants can use the parking stalls that are available in the park.

You can do a lot of things at Prince's Island Park while also enjoying the best life you can find in the landscape park. The trees, gorgeous flowers, and spacious land are those features that make it a go-to place for residents. It is also a major center for civic celebrations and festivals, attracting over 150,000 people every year. Due to these combined functions, the city council continues to show a keen interest in developing and upgrading the park to meet the demands of the people.

There is no doubt that your outdoor fun will be on another level with Prince's Island Park As you can see, everything about this park is packaged to give you the best park experience you will forever cherish. Below are some of the activities you can keep yourself busy with in the park:

  • Canoe in the Bow River.
  • Enjoy your picnic on the greens.
  • Use the pathway and hiking trails on the sides of the park. You can join a group of hikers or take a stroll or use your rollerblade.
  • Have fun shopping at the Eau Claire Market.
  • See the beautiful flower gardens and water fountains.
  • Use the environmental learning pathway to learn about habitats, water quality, wildlife, and wetland.

You can join the thousands of people to experience all the fun Prince’s Island Park offers. The positive reviews say it all, and you can never regret your time here. If you are looking for a park with many park facilities where you can enjoy and have the best time outside your home, Prince’s Island Park is right there.  You can visit the park at any time between 5am and 11am, and the admission fee is free. You can go with your families, friends, or colleagues if you in the area. The park can also be a vacation place for those outside the city. You can simply find the park and all other necessary information and guide using the internet.


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