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Heritage Park Historical Village

The beauty of history is that you will always find it on record. We often talk about places we can go to learn histories and witness how the old times were. Interestingly, you would not find a lot of places that offer historical values and narratives like the Heritage Park Historical Village in Calgary, Alberta. To many in that area, the place is more than just a park. It is a historical park that provides both education and fun benefits. And if you ever have the chance to go there, you would understand why it is called a historical village.

With about 127 acres of land, Heritage park historical village is the second most extensive history museum in the whole of Canada. At the same time, it makes the list of the most visited places and tourist attractions. As the name implies, the village park is full of historical revelations. A good number of buildings there are preserved historical structures. Others are recreated to look like the actual buildings. These buildings have in them genuine artifacts. Essentially, over 180 exhibits you will find in this park are presentations and interpretations of the western Canadian history between the 1860s and 1950s.

There are many interesting facts about the Heritage park historical village. One is that the staff in the park dress in historical costumes. The transport services you will find are also antique automobiles and horse-vehicles. Some of the exhibits you will find in the village park include the 1913 Little Synagogue on the Prairie, horse-wagons, a roundhouse built-in 1981, a streetcar made by the Calgary Street Railway in 2006, an aboriginal encampment area, and a replica of S.S. Moyie Paddle Steamer. There are also expansions that add new attractions to the village. All these aim to offer the best historical experience to people.

Heritage park historical village is all about preservation. The park has a combination of rides, shops, restaurants, and activities that will take you to the past. If you are a lover of history and would love to savor the past, this is your place. In explaining specific periods in western Canadian history, the park has four divided areas. They are the Hudson's Company Fur Trading Fort (1864), the Pre-railway Settlement Town (1880), the Railway Prairie Town (1910), and the Heritage Town Square (1920s to 1950s)

When going there, prepare to have your brain filled with history and ancient knowledge you may not find in textbooks. Not only that, you will have lots of fun, starting with train rides, bakery treats, dining, and shopping. In Heritage Park historical village, explore the old times and captivate yourself in the past. They often say, "no two days at the park is the same." You will likely want to go back to fill yourself with another batch of history lessons and fun you cannot get anywhere else. The park usually operates between mid-May and October every year. Ensure you make necessary preparations before going. You will surely enjoy your time there.


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