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Deane House

During the North-west Mounted Police (NWMP) times, the Deane House was built in 1906 by Captain Richard Burton Deane, who was the superintendent of Fort Calgary. The house has gone through a couple of sales and purchases but still stands as one of the historical representations of Fort Calgary, and especially of the North-west Mounted Police (NWMP). In 1973, the city took over the ownership of the building, intending to turn it into a cooperative studio space for writers and artists. It was also to be used as a gallery for exhibiting artworks.

After some time, the city decided to change the purpose which Deane House served and move to transform the historic house into a restaurant and tea house. Of course, the city takes the responsibility of managing the building. The restaurant in the building is also called Deane House, and it offers food services to both locals and tourists. As you would guess, Deane House continues to undergo series of renovations. The renovations are to preserve and sustain the building as a historical location. They are also part of the upgrades that the whole of Fort Calgary currently enjoys.

Deane House boasts of beautiful rooms carefully designed and curated by the founder of the famous River Café, Sal Howell. The rooms are personalized in a way that they possess their own unique characters, making them lovable by the users. Apart from the beautiful designs, you will find the place to be one of the tastiest Canadian culinary joints in Calgary. Renowned chef Jamie Harling handles the whole food process to create the best menu options for everyone. The restaurant has a good relationship with the local farmers and ranchers, making sourcing for ingredients easier and quicker. From the menu, you can also find special diets according to personal disposition. There are gluten-free, vegan-friendly, and vegan-free selections.

Tourists and travelers are particularly fond of Deane House due to its receptiveness as well as the varieties of Canadian cuisines. Being a beautiful structure on the greens flanked by two rivers, you will enjoy a serene and stylish environment while having your sumptuous meal. Deane House serves lunch, dinner, and weekend brunch, a thing not all restaurants do. This exceptional service makes Dean House among Canada's 100 Best in 2017 and the Globe and Mail Best New Restaurants in 2016.

You can easily make your reservations online before your visit. This will allow for necessary preparations to ensure that you have a memorable visit. And it gets more fun since you will be having the chance and plenty of time to try out the different kinds of meals in the place. The library, bar, and gardens are also there for you to explore. This is a total package, and you will surely enjoy your time there. In essence, should you have anything to do in Calgary, you may want to see the historical building that offers excellent Canadian culinary services. Remember that Deane House can also be your next vacation place.


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