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Fort Calgary

It is often said that history can be told in many ways. But the truth is nothing beats the eyewitness account. In some cases even, history books and narratives from one person to another may not contain all the actual facts. In other words, these methods of preserving history will in some way alter the accurate account of events. This is why governments of most countries seek to preserve and maintain historical locations, artifacts, structures, and buildings. If you want to know the history of Calgary, especially that of North-west Mounted Police (NWMP), you need to visit Fort Calgary to see for yourself.

Located on 40 acres of land on the eastern side of downtown Calgary, what you see as Calgary town today developed around this historical site. It will be interesting to know a few things about the history of this place. The Fort was originally built as an outpost in 1875 to monitor whiskey trades and maintain good business relations between the people within that territory. Fort Calgary, which is now considered a historical museum, is one place in Canada that holds ancient knowledge and historical truths. If you are a truth-seeker or from Calgary and would love to know about the past, this is your go-to museum.

It is essential to note that Fort Calgary has passed through series of demolitions and reconstructions in times past. However, the preservation is still commendable. Recently, the Fort passed through some expansion and restoration phases to bring to life some old structures of the Fort. These revived structures include the Deane House, Hunt House, and  "F" Troop memorial exhibit. You will find several replica structures like stables, wagon shed, and barracks in the museum, modeled after the original structures. One of the things you will witness in Fort Calgary is the exhibits and audio-visual presentations of the history of the natives,  North-west Mounted Police (NWMP), and renowned Mounties.

You can have as much fun as you like in Fort Calgary. Here is a list of things you can do at the museum.

  • Meet with some Royal Canadian Mounted Police Veterans. You can ask them questions as far as the historical site and activities are concerned.
  • See the replica of the exact police barracks.
  • about the North-west Mountain Police.
  • historical items and read articles about the roots of Calgary.
  • in the Deane's House and enjoy Murder Mysteries.

You can make use of the small meeting rooms available for your work functions or gatherings. Apart from serving as a place for historical education, Fort Calgary offers fun, engaging, and interactive activities that can keep you coming for more. You can enjoy a perfect blend of fun and learning in this museum. It's best to have all available information about the museum and reservation before setting out to visit. You can easily your ticket online or at the entrance of the Fort. The admission fee to visit the Fort ranges between $4 to $11.50.

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