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Bridgeland, Calgary Alberta

Bridgeland-Riverside is a very popular Calgary neighborhood tucked away on the North banks of the Bow River.

Bridgeland-Riverside is bounded by Bow River to the south, Deerfoot Trail to the east, Edmonton Trail to the west, and Renfrew to the north.

Bridgeland is home to the TELUS Spark science center and it’s interactive exhibits, as well as the Calgary Zoo.

Bridgeland-Riverside in Calgary is a primarily residential area that is comprised of a mix of single family homes and park-side condominiums; it’s also home to a variety of shops, offices, churches, schools, parks, and restaurants.

Bridgeland-Riverside in Calgary is popular with people who lead active lifestyles, not only for its pedestrian-friendly amenities, but also for its abundance of sports facilities.

It was first settled by Russian-German immigrants who came to Calgary during the city’s first population boom in the 1880s. At the time, the community was called Germantown. By the early 20th century, however, the majority of residents were Ukrainian and Italian immigrants.

In the century's first decade, Calgary’s population skyrocketed from 4,000 to 40,000 people. During this population influx Italian and Ukrainian immigrants seeking inexpensive places to live began flocking to the terrace above Riverside, where Bridgeland is now.

Bridgeland, Village Ice Cream’s handcrafted treats are officially just a day away from opening.

The much-loved local ice cream brand has announced that its fourth parlour is gearing up to open its doors at the corner of 7A Street and Centre Avenue NE at the end of the week.

Phil & Sebastian and Una will also be opening new locations in this building.

Driving Directions.

From Bridgeland Riverside Community Association, Go North one block on 9 St NE until you reach MVP Modern Barbers.

From MVP Modern Barbers you can drive East on Centre Ave NE until you reach 12 St NE. Turn South and you will find yourself at MAC Islamic School.

Driving Directions to MAC Islamic School

From MAC Islamic School, head North on 12 St NE and turn West on 1 Ave NE. Drive several blocks down to 9a St NE where you will turn North. In one block you will reach Calgary Chinese Gospel of Grace Church.

Now you can continue down 2 Ave NE from the Calgary Chinese Gospel of Grace Church until you reach 6a St NE and find Peppino’s Gourmet Foods.

Driving Directions to Peppino's Gourmet Foods

On your way out of Bridgeland just head from Peppino’s Gourmet Foods South along 6a St NE, then West on 1 Ave NE. If you turn South on 6 St NE you can head down to Meredith Rd NE and turn right. At Edmonton Trail you can turn North until you reach Bridgeland Distillery Inc.

From Bridgeland Distillery Inc head West on 1 Ave NE then turn South on 4 St NE until you hit Memorial Drive. Head East on Memorial Drive and then turn South on Baines Bridge. Follow Zoo Rd NE until it turns into 12 St SE. When you reach 9 Ave SE, turn Eastward and follow it all the way down past the Blues Can until you reach Flawless Laser and Body Sculpting.

Driving Directions to Flawless Laser and Body Sculpting
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