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Ramsay, Calgary Alberta

Ramsay is one of Calgary’s oldest neighborhoods. It started as an early 20th century working class community and has grown to a funky, bohemian, early 21st century cultural hub.

Ramsay was developed in the 1880’s by Wesley Fletcher Orr and company. Burnsland, Brewery Flats, Grandview and Mills Estate all combined to form the new neighborhood Ramsay, named after William Thomson Ramsay, a land agent and property owner.

As one of Calgary’s original neighborhoods – its ‘main street’ Spiller Road / 8th Street SE was precursor to Macleod Trail - Ramsay accommodates an array of lifestyle and personal expression influenced by its distinctive topography.

Perhaps Ramsay’s most famous resident was “Turk” the Ramsay turkey who was discovered wandering the streets and lawns of Ramsay in 2019.  He was quickly adopted by the community and had 6,000+ followers on his Facebook page.  He wandered Ramsay and and other City Centre neighbourhoods until July 2020 when he was killed by coyotes in Bridgeland.

Every month one of our favourite Ramsay watering holes will put on a casual and interactive virtual tasting for us highlighting their favourite beer, wine, or spirit.

Now might also be a good time to remind everyone that Eighty Eight offers a 10% off draught in the taproom to RCA members, but you need to have a sweet Neighbours tag to flash to make sure you get it and your friends think you’re cool

Driving Directions

From Ramsay School, drive North East on Spiller Road past 7-11 and turn East on to 21 Ave SE. Here you’ll find the St. Anne Academic Centre.

From St. Anne’s Academic Centre, head south down 11 St SE all the way to 26 Ave SE. Turn left and you’ll find the Crossroads Market.

Driving Directions to Crossroads Market

You can now turn around and head directly back North up 11 St SE until you hit 10 Ave SE. Turn left and follow the round around south until you come to Cold Garden Beverage Company.

From Cold Garden, head south on 11 St SE one more time and then head West on 19 Ave SE. Turn right on to 8 St SE and head North until you reach Red’s Diner Ramsay.

Driving Directions to Red's Diner Ramsay

From Red’s Diner Ramsay, drive South on 8 St SE, then turn East on 18 Ave SE. When you reach 11 St SE, turn north and follow all the way along 12 St SE, past Spolumbo’s until you reach the Inglewood Drive-in.

Now you’re almost there! Turn around and head back to 9 Ave SE. Turn right to head East all the way down past the Blackfoot Truckstop until you reach Flawless Laser and Body Sculpting.

Driving Directions to Flawless Laser and Body Sculpting
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