Our Carbon Laser Facial can do it all

What’s the fastest way to get glowing, spotless and fabulous skin in Alberta’s dry climate?

A Carbon Laser Facial can fix ALL KINDS of skin issues in just ONE treatment.

I’ve decided to post a Q &A here with questions I've received from folks in Calgary and area, so that you can make an informed decision regarding the benefits of this do-it-all treatment.

❓ Why would I want a Carbon Laser Facial?

✅ Let’s start with the most obvious question. A Carbon Laser Facial can address ALL of the following skin concerns in a single treatment:

• Acne scarring or active acne
• Red or brown pigmentation
• Fine lines or wrinkles
• Sagging jowls or brows
• Dark under-eye circles
• Large pores
• Skin texture and brightness
• Skin lightening

❓ Will a Carbon Laser Facial get rid of my red or brown pigment spots?

✅ Absolutely! In fact, the Carbon Laser Facial is my go-to treatment for pigmentation. It does a fabulous job of lightening not only spots, but skin tone in general.

❓ I’m older (65+), would a Carbon Laser Facial be good for my skin too?

✅ Yes, a Carbon Laser Facial can work its magic on skin of all ages. That said, carbon is not the only option. We have a number of different laser treatments specifically for extra tightening and lifting that you can take advantage of as well. Such as our Non-Surgical Laser Face-Lift.

These options are all non-invasive and can all be explained in your free consultation.

❓ How will a Carbon Laser Facial work for my acne?

✅ Carbons are great for acne, but there can sometimes be an extra step required for chronic acne. A Carbon can sometimes bring out acne that is hiding under the skin, which may seem like a breakout if you aren’t prepared for it. To address this we will typically do an extraction treatment for you to help clear up and prevent any breakouts.

❓ How will it help my acne scarring?

✅ The Carbon Laser Facial does do resurfacing to drastically reduce acne scarring, however, it won't leave you red and scabby afterwards.

❓ Does it hurt?

✅ There’s no need to be nervous as It doesn’t hurt. It does feel warm and there is a sensation that accompanies the popping of the carbon as the laser strikes it, but some people find it relaxing.

❓ How long does it take?

✅ Our carbon treatments usually take just over an hour for a full face. There are some places that do this type of treatment in only 30 minutes, but we have special techniques to get the amazing results that we have become known for.

💗 Sometimes a little extra care goes a long way.💗

❓ What areas can you treat?

✅ Any area you like. We sometimes have requests for skin lightening on areas other than the face. The Carbon Laser Facial isn’t limited to just facials!

❓ Will I be red afterwards or will there be downtime?

✅ A Carbon Laser Facial gives results that often aren’t achieved without doing very expensive and invasive skin resurfacing treatments. Those treatments come with extensive redness, scabbing and downtime, so it’s only natural to wonder if the Carbon Laser Facial would have similar after-effects.

Well I’m happy to say that after having a Carbon Laser Facial you’ll be able to walk out the door and go about the rest of your day as normal, and aside from your glowing skin, no one will know you were even at the spa!

❓ What are the contraindications?

✅ This treatment cannot be performed on women who are pregnant or breast feeding. Tanned skin is also a no-no. These contraindications are standard for most treatments.

❓ How many treatments do I need?

✅ You will see amazing results with just ONE treatment. But does that mean you will reach your goals in the first treatment?

That really depends on you.

Miracles are hard to come by in this day and age, so it’s best to keep expectations realistic. I’ve had many clients tell me they feel like they’ve lost a good FIVE YEARS in a single treatment. I think that’s a pretty good start and it only gets better from there.

❓ How long should I wait in between treatments?

✅ At least 10 days. The first treatment will still be improving your skin for a good week afterwards.

❓ Is this the same as the Spectra Carbon Laser Peel?

✅ Not exactly. Spectra is a brand name. We use a variety of different technologies.

One thing I can guarantee is that no one else is doing the Carbon Laser Facial the same way we are. We use a specialized methodology and unique technologies to achieve the results that we have become renowned for.

❓ What makes your methodology/technology unique?

✅ That is my little secret, my friend .

❓ So where do I start?

✅ It all starts with a free consultation. Click here to get more information on what happens in a free consultation and what you can expect from me.

Before After

"I just want to thank you for making my skin feel and look amazing. I can't believe how my skin has changed. My sun damaged and brown spots are clear and feel so beautiful. Thank you To all the staff you are all amazing. I am so happy I found this place I tried everything all the skin products out there tried all kinds of treatments but I’m telling you all this place they make you look great and beautiful and Young."

Faye D

Calgary, AB

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